Bring Me To The Light (2011)


Kristin Ezbicki's "Bring Me To The Light" is her debut album. Containing a collection of 11 songs, written over the last several years, Kristin's music is a combination of old country, folk, blues, and pop rock. 
Child of two musicians, Kristin grew up playing a wide range of music and instruments, including classical, jazz, and rock. While her primary instrument was flute, she played upright and electric bass, and piano. In 2001, she started teaching herself to play guitar and experimented with song writing in New England’s deep woods. She discovered artists such as Woody Guthrie and Hank Williams. She loved the simplicity and eagerness of the young Elvis Presley, the wisdom and poetry of Townes Van Zandt, the slap and twang of rockabilly, the ghostly presence of the Carter Family, and the regret, hard living, and honesty of early country music in general. It was because of these influences and many other pop influences that the songs on her first album, “Bring Me To The Light” came into being. “Bring Me To The Light” was originally recorded at Kristin’s home where she arranged all the songs and played all the instruments herself. After so many years of writing and playing these songs in private, she decided to go one step farther. She brought the collection to Dennis Carroll at 6 media AV in Haverhill, MA. Dennis mixed and mastered the entire album, enhancing most of the songs by adding a guitar or piano line here or there, and re-doing four of the songs from start to finish – giving these songs a more pop-rock feel. Steve Belleville, long time friend and amazing musician, contributed bass, guitar, and vocals all throughout the album. Marcos Valles added energetic drum parts to four songs, and Brian Packer contributed soulful electric guitar parts to The Way I Want To Be. Finally, the album is ready to be shared to the public. 2011.

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2/20/2011: This website was temporarily disabled and is being rebuilt from scratch.
2/22/2011:  Kristin will be playing at a fundraiser in April. More info on that to come...